I  have been teaching craft and holding space for over 20 years. 

I hold workshops in many crafts, including weaving, embroidery, rattle, shield and fan making,  leatherwork,

sculpture and creative writing. Women's journey groups and rite of passage ceremonies.

Most popular at this time are Drum Making workshops.

I bring a colourful blend of warmth, humour, empathy, clarity and intuition into well prepared practical workshop space,

immersed in art, altars and beautiful wild surroundings.

I offer ceremonial drum making as a deeply personal, celebratory and elemental journey,

as one-to-one day workshops, 
small (from two people) to large (over 20 people) groups, 
Day and weekend workshops, for both men and women, couples, friends, families and children. 
These workshops are affiliated with Northern Drum and The School Of Movement Medicine, and come highly recommended.
The price of a drum making workshop is approximately £260.
All materials are ethically, locally and sustainably sourced, and hand-prepared by myself with honour and care.

This is reflected in the cost of the workshop.
Through working intimately with these organic materials, I specialise in the creation of drums that are unique and soulful 

reflections of each maker.

My workshops are open to all; no badges, status or experience needed.

Drums belong to the People of Earth; it has always been this way.

I offer concessions and a number of free places to keep this work accessible and available.

Concessionary places are prioritised to those from minority ethnic backgrounds, other marginalised groups, under 25's,

students and single parents. Be in touch if this would be a support for you.

I am committed to active decolonisation, to accessibility and inclusivity in all aspects of my work.

10% of profits go to charities supporting the land rights of Indigenous Peoples and those seeking asylum in the UK.

I've set up a sponsorship fund for those that wish to and are able to donate to support

those with less privilege to come and make their drums. Contact me if you'd like to contribute.

We are always coming home. Giving thanks for all the beauty of all the beautiful people shared through this craft. 

Honouring our origins.

Giving thanks for all the amazing and unlikely places I've held workshops in.

Most small workshops are held in my handmade Somerset home. I travel nationwide and internationally,

to hold workshops in drum making and other crafts. Contact me directly if you'd like to host me.
Regular dates are available and open groups are often updated on my Facebook/Instagram page.
It’s best to contact me directly, by WhatsApp or email, to talk about the right drum and workshop for you.


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"Wow, what a beautiful experience for us as a family to make our drums with you. Our daughter expressed how much she enjoyed being in your presence. I loved and appreciated how you connected with her and brought her out of herself so gently."



"Making my drum has initiated the remembering of my own creative skills. I started sewing again! Your perception is so clear."

Shaheen Alam, yoga teacher


"Dorrie Joy knows her medicine craft and approaches it with authenticity, sacred intention and good humour. I am more than delighted with my drum. And have no hesitation in recommending her tuition / workshops to others, whether for drums, rattles, leatherwork or other. She delights in enabling others to create the tool that matches their highest potential."

Brett Almond,  retailer 


" This drum making day was so much fuller than I could ever have imagined. Empowering and affirming. Thankyou for your prayers, sweat and love that birthed my drum. so grateful, Dorrie. Deepest love for your care and generosity."

Emily, facilitator


 "I woke up with so much gratitude in my heart after our drum-making day. Thank you for the conscious space you hold."
 Lesley Asare, artist and facilitator


" I had such a special day making my drum with magical lady Dorrie Joy.  Walking around her house is like entering an enchanted world of visions and prayers from the earth that speak through her hands and are born in the most exquisite paintings, drums, rattles, weavings and felt. 
I truly feel her to be one of the most stunning visionary artists that I have come across, and I love to recommend and share her work for all hearts to be touched. Even her prints will bless your world "

Ayla Schafer, Musician


"Had an amazing day with Dorrie making a little drum for my journey ahead. She feels ancient, there are veins that run through her like pathways, she's got an old powerful spirit... I cant wait to hear her sound tomorrow once she's fully dried... The perfect mentor to my young bright big white moon drum I also made with Dorrie in 2016. If you're in the UK and would like to invest in one of the most beautiful life long musical companions- a Shamanic Drum or Rattle, or if you'd love to make one yourself with guidance in the most beautifully held environment full of blessings, i highly recommend getting in touch with Dorrie! She's a legend as a person and in her artistry, a beautiful woman filled with so much thanks for this beauty in my life! Muchisimo gracias Dorrie, what a gift you are to this world! "

Zuma, Clown, Puppeteer, Singer/Songwriter

" Wow. What an incredible weekend. So much more than drum making; also a deeply insightful experiential therapy session, a ‘replay’ of my life, meeting my shadow, my inner child, my strengths & ‘development points’, deepening and strengthening connection with spirit, power animals and Mother Earth. I could go on and on..! 


Thank you so much for your hospitality, sharing, teachings and facilitating the space to be able to access and experience a part of your culture and ancestry. What I’ve learnt will be treated with respect. 


My Drum continues to emerge. The colour and patterns seem to keep changing, it’s like there’s a smoke/vapour/mist shifting and rolling about within the hide. It’s unrecognisable from the hide I worked with saturday. The scars are beautifully phenomenal.  At times I’m sure I see the shape of her in the hide and then the shape melts away. She is so beautiful and curious"

Jason Middleton