A wide range of traditional craft,  shamanic tools & totems made to commission.

crow feathers drum
deer rattles
dappled drum
cedar pouch
buzzard drum
tassel drum
Harvest berries
Rattle on weave
Bracken drum
Symbol drum
Snake drum
Leather tannning
Flower alter
Cedar weave


“... In an age of mass produced depersonalised consumerism, Dorrie’s craft is a rare jewel. She listens deeply to the vision you have of what you need to create and with a blend of pure medicine woman and pure artist, she sets to work. Over the years we have known Dorrie, she has created some very fine pieces of medicine art, both practical, beautiful and made from ethically sourced materials. We are honoured to recommend her work to you and do so without hesitation...”

Ya’Acov and Susannah Darling Khan, Directors of the School of Movement Medicine