Thirteen Moons of Woman is the first time I have woven this many threads of my artistry into one offering.  It is in the form of a book, with 60 full colour pages of thirteen paintings, bordered with handwork of embroidery, carvings and other crafts. Each painting is accompanied by a poem that walks hand in hand with the image.  Secrets are woven in paint, poetry, cloth and melody, and are yours to find and read as you choose. Some poems are soft as lullabies, some are ancestral voices, other are personal, warmly rebellious, some are rousing and punchy; they follow one another as a seasonal and cyclical journey.

Alongside the book, I’ve made an album of these poems as spoken word accompanied by the music that has fed and inspired the creation of each piece.  This is available to buy as a cd, independently or with the book, or as a digital download. 

Some tracks are upbeat and others are slower and dreamy, reflecting the theme and mood, cultural and seasonal landscape.  They are made with the intention of planting seeds of memory, inspiration, courage and connection within our personal and collective stories as People of Earth.

This album is a unique, exciting and beautiful collaboration of super talented musicians and producers.


So far we have Matthew Barley on Cello; Tristan Starling on production, piano, guitar, hang pan and synth; James Watts on Mbira and flute; Joseph Rose on guitar, bass and Kora; Jerome JRokka on bass and beats; Green on production, dub bass and beats; Carmen Vicente's Star Dance orchestra; Olivia Fern on vocals and Julia Gelpke songs; Dorrie Joy on frame drum, songs and vocals, to give you an idea! The tapestry of music as art and rhythm throughout these tracks is a feast in itself, and a strong river to carry these poems.

Thirteen Moons of Woman is currently in the printing process and will be available soon in hard copy and cd format.  It is available to pre-order and will also be available on Audible and Kindle. These are fast moving times, politically and environmentally. The time is ripe for me to be releasing this work. I am on track for the album and book to go out together in November.

* Kickstarter support *

For those who have generously backed my Kickstarter campaign and are helping me bring this offering to fruition, you can find all of the Thirteen Secrets paintings here, and when yo have made your decision, please email me with the subject: Thirteen Secrets print choice with your selected print in the text along with where to post it.